About Us!



Our sew-by-numbers kits are much like soft, giant, jigsaw puzzles where you connect the dots with thread. The steps to assemble our kits are simple and repetitive, like a kindergarten activity.


Sewing used to require your full attention; unlike knitting, it was hard to watch TV or relax while you're doing it. We've now made sewing more like knitting -- repetitive, meditative, and satisfying!


You might think that "proper" sewing requires a sewing machine. Not here. To assemble a MOSAIC Kit,  all you need is a needle, thread, and a YouTube tutorial on how to do a backstitch!


Environmental impact is a huge consideration in our textile selection process. In MOSAIC kits, you'll see lots of natural fibers like linen, organic cotton, silk and hemp. We also keep up with developments in the sustainable textile industry, and stock lots of Tencel and Bemberg; in the future we plan to add the likes of mushroom leather, orange silk, and QMilk to the mix!


Sewing the old-school way results in lots of wasted fabric and thread scraps. When creating MOSAIC kits, we batch your orders with other customers to make sure we're using every bit of material we can.


We help you put your own spin on each garment kit to make it truly unique, and truly yours. From letting you upload your own fabric print, to providing you with embroidery templates, we provide every tool you need to embellish your creation to perfection!